Surely this Swiss Law can’t be in our best interests?

I’ve just found out that way back in 2013 we changed the law here in Switzerland with regards to marijuana usage and carrying. If you have anything up to 10g in weight on your person, you will are let off with a fine of CHF100. I’m absolutely appalled. I’d have had words with the Swiss law makers that allowed this to come to pass had I known before. How can this be the case. I’m not really sure what 10g looks like, or how long it would take to smoke it, but to my mind 10g of marijuana is 10g too much of the stuff. I mean don’t they know that it is what is called a ‘gateway drug’. There are probably thousands of kids out there, or even adults, that started off using marijuana for fun and then moved onto harder more addictive substances like cocaine or even prescription drugs. I mean, it’s surely like we are condoning the use of the substance by allowing even a small amount to be acceptable isn’t it?

Not to mention the psychological disorders that can be triggered by the stuff. I myself know of one friends daughter, who, years after it was too late, was discovered to have triggered a psychological disorder due to abusing the drug, day after day, year after year. The Swiss word for regret is ‘drug addict’ in my book. But anyway, if there is any chance of being able to repeal this law, I’m all in favour of it and will do anything and all things I can in order to get the law changed. You have my word for it! And that, Switzerland, is my word of the day!

Switzerlands Attempt to Control the Internet with its Gambling Legislation

I’ve only just seen that back in March 2017 the Swiss government sat down and looked at the Swiss gambling laws again. It seems that they were interested in 2 areas; the handing out of online gaming licenses and who would get them along with the age old question of how to keep operators out of the Swiss online gaming market when they don’t in fact have a government issued license.

The only way that operators without a gaming license can be blocked can in fact be through blocking the IP addresses of the providers by the Internet Access Providers. Again, this is one of those questions that questions the personal freedoms of the Swiss people to access the internet without prejudice. In some ways, it could be seen as a form of censorship. By blocking certain providers, there could be perceived to be a sort of censorship going on.

I understand what the government is trying to achieve through these measures. They obviously want to collect as many taxes as they can from businesses enjoying the use of Swiss citizens hard earned money. If a company outside of Switzerland operates an online casino, and they take deposits from Swiss players, that money is in essence leaving Switzerland. The Swiss government obviously collected taxes on that money when it was earned by the Swiss man or woman through their employment, but the government misses the chance to tax that money as it is earned by the online gaming company. But I’m not sure whether it doesn’t
1/ set a precedent of censorship by preventing me from having free access to the internet
2/ mean that there is the possibility of corruption and monopolisation of the online gaming sector as it will be overseen by one body. One federal body that will issue the licenses – but how do I know that these licenses are being issued to the best companies. Who is to say that the companies operating online gaming companies from outside the borders of Switzerland don’t operate better businesses, but they just can’t afford the fees and levies imposed by the Swiss authorities required to be paid in order to get the gaming license. In essence, the market will be massively reduced, so the demand will become relatively higher. Long and short, the taxes that will be imposed on those wanting a license might be just too great, like in Spain and Portugal for example, that no players come to the table.

Instead of having a vast number of online gaming companies for me to choose from, my choice will become limited to those who can simply afford to pay the taxes the government decides are appropriate to warrant them being awarded a license…. So on top of not being comfortable with the fact that the internet is going to be censored, I’m probably not going to be getting as good deals from my internet gaming company, because they won’t be able to afford to give me good deals at the same time as paying the extortionate taxes required to operate legally in Switzerland. Great…!

Just as an addendum. The new regulations regarding the IP-Blocking of online gaming companies probably won’t come into force until around 2020.

The word on the street

Hi there. Welcome to my website here at Glad you found me! I have decided to start my own little online space dedicated to the word on the street here in Switzerland. I guess I’m planning on it being some sort of website dedicated to information that is hot off the press, and to let you know what might be going to happen in this fabulous country of ours.

We all know that change comes from the top. But, sometimes we are all just that little bit too busy to keep up to date with the news and what’s going on. There may be things and protocols that the government is about to launch that we don’t know about because we have been just too busy going about our everyday lives to notice. Many changes are implemented on a daily basis which affect us, that we don’t know are headed our way.

The word of the day is to be prepared, be aware of what is going on in the world around you and to take steps to make sure that you don’t get left behind or loose out because you are not paying attention to the word on the street.

For example; my house is set in a lovely old street in a quaint little village. It is in an area which has to be conserved, aesthetically. We are not allowed to change the facades of our buildings without permission from local authorities. The word that comes to mind is ‘provincial’ I know! Anyway, to the rear of our street, is a lovely little green space, surrounded by bungalow housing (the bungalows gardens back on to the gardens behind the houses on my street). It’s nice; and the village uses the green space for the kids at the school to play their sports on. However, I heard just the other day, that the council were thinking of selling the green space to developers in order that they could build some sort of old people’s home there… and that the properties surrounding that lovely green, would be converted, or rather extended vertically, into 2 story buildings, which they would turn into flats, and sell on. So, as you can imagine, I was rather appalled. In an instant, my lovely tranquil street would be turned into a place, where all the gardens, which are currently secluded and quiet, would be overlooked and shaded.

I’m not yet sure whether any of this is actually going ahead, or whether it is just rumour, or whether it is, in fact, early days. But one thing that I do know, is that I happened upon the information. Information which would affect my life, my property price, and my views was not ‘given’ to me – I had to stumble upon it for myself. Imagine if I didn’t know anything about it. If the first I knew was that the bulldozers moved in…

Sadly, that’s the way of the world these days for the most part. You don’t hear from any governing bodies about changes which affect you life until it’s too late.

So, in essence, that’s why I have set up this website – because I want my word of the year to be ‘information’. I want to keep people informed of things and changes that can be afoot, which will change their lifestyle or neighbourhood or hobbies. I want to be your eyes and your ears. The Swiss word for this is ‘information-hub’. I will be your portal for the word of the moment – your informant for the word of the month and for the even bigger stories, your communications officer for the word of the year here in Switzerland.